eLearning consultant with 28 years experience

eLearning expert Tim Neill offers unbiased advice and guidance as a totally independent service to ensure the successful planning, selection and implementation of on-line learning for your staff.

Whether you’ve yet to grasp the eLearning nettle, or eLearning courses are well-established in your business, I can bring in-depth knowledge and a fresh mind to analyse your requirements. I will help you to plan, define and commission the most appropriate bespoke solutions ... relieving your own staff of the need to become eLearning experts.

I also offer an eLearning development service using Articulate Storyline - from ‘proof of concept’ modules and prototypes through to full scale module production.

My breadth and depth of hands-on experience in the on-line learning business will save your organisation time and money.

And as far as buying advice is concerned, I know exactly how eLearning suppliers work and how you should deal with them.

For 24 years I ran the bespoke UK eLearning company 'Tim Neill Associates' (TNA).

During that time, we produced literally hundreds of top quality eLearning courses and assessments for leading blue chip companies worldwide.

Some projects, like the ‘Fire Safety’ 3D game for BSkyB, won international awards.

Such was the variety of these projects that there was rarely a topic, an application or a technical challenge that we hadn’t met - and solved - before.

Whatever your requirements, the chances are that I’ve probably been involved with the design of something similar.

Where could my experience and skills bring your organisation practical benefits?

The Services page suggests the range of tasks that need to be tackled by every organisation investing in eLearning. I can help you in areas such as ...

  1. defining your requirements

  2. understanding the pros/cons of available technologies

  3. writing project specifications and RFPs

  4. dealing with (and getting the best from!) developers

  5. protecting yourselves contractually

  6. shortlisting and selecting suppliers

  7. managing the development process and implementing the project

  8. producing prototypes, templates and user interfaces in Articulate Storyline

  9. full scale module production in Storyline

  10. training and supporting your staff to become expert in Storyline

If I sound like the sort of person you’d like to have on your side, to take the risk out of making costly mistakes, please call me to discuss the possibilities.

And I’m flexible, working by the hour, the day or on a fixed cost basis.


“... high professional standards

I recommend him to any organisation seeking a knowledgeable and independent advisor to successfully guide them through their own eLearning projects. .. more

Training Academy Manager, National Grid

“... a deep knowledge of eLearning

Tim is extremely responsive and thoroughly professional in all that he does ... an incredibly broad and deep knowledge of eLearning with the character and presence to work comfortably with management at every level ... more

HSEA Business Director, Amey

“ ... recommended without reservation

If your company needs to design employee or client training that delivers results, you can count on him to figure out the best way to get it done. I recommend Tim without reservation ... more

CEO, NetDimensions, Hong Kong

Project experience

I have designed literally hundreds of projects for blue chip clients, delivering online learning, competence assessments and interactive job aids. See examples here ...

Recent/Current Projects

Major Middle East Airport (2016)

Design, development and delivery of 20 eLearning modules for airside staff, under contract to Virtual Aviation College.

Produced in Articulate Storyline 2, the suite includes modules on Inspections, Incident Investigation, Radiotelephony and Airside Driving. Each 45-60 minute module concludes with an assessment and the results are saved to an LMS.

Chiltern Railways (2014-2015)

Production of an interactive performance support system, for signalling engineers to fault-find trackside ATP equipment. (Under contract to Conation Technologies.)

The tool presents a menu of faults and leads the engineer through a series of interactive flowchart sheets, each decision box directing them to the relevant guidance material to inspect indicators, take measurements, replace components, etc.

Includes the production of an interactive guide for generating the EPROMs installed in trackside equipment during temporary speed restrictions. Produced with Articulate Storyline.

Interactive Ohm’s Law Laboratory (2016)

I produced this concept to demonstrate the versatility of Storyline 2 and the speed with which a project can be completed.

The program offers a ‘sand pit’ where learners may experiment safely with the variables governed by Ohm’s Law: Voltage and Resistance. The resulting Current in this simple circuit is displayed on an ammeter and may or may not blow a fuse.

This is an approach to learning and assessment I have used for many years and which I call ‘Passengers Don’t Learn’.
Play with the Ohm’s Law Laboratory here.http://www.timneill.org.uk/Ohms_Law_v2/story.htmlhttp://www.timneill.org.uk/Ohms_Law_v2/story.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0

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