Project experience

Anglian Water - Wastewater treatment course

A suite of courses for field engineers on treatment processes, covering water filtration & clarification and wastewater.

The material included numerous animated sequences illustrating equipment operation.

The major technical challenge was that the narrated, on-line eLearning modules had to be accessible and usable at speeds as low as 56Kbits/second. This was achieved by very careful creation of imagery in vector (not bitmap) format, the optimal compression of audio narration files and the restriction of each audio file duration to 4-5 seconds wherever possible. Each screen was held in an individual Adobe Flash file and each audio file called as required during streaming to the user’s browser. The result was a learning experience with the absolute minimum of delay.

BSkyB - Fire Safety game-based eLearning and assessment

Winner of the ‘Bespoke eLearning Solution of the Year’ award at the World of Learning, this was an interactive learning experience set within a variety of realistic, 3D modelled BSkyB-style environments; as much a series of games as education, but with a philosophy of ‘learning by doing’.

TNA conceived a completely new approach to eLearning that broke the mould of traditional, ‘linear’ training programs to produce far more competent, knowledgeable staff.

Staff took on five challenges:

  1. -  Hazard Hunter (spotting potential fire hazards)

  2. -  Safety Check (identifying correct/incorrect equipment use)

  3. -  What if? (applying safety measures to environments)

  4. -  Fire extinguisher selection (tackle different fires, against the clock)

  5. -  Get out! (evacuation game, against the clock and with penalties)

Competence is measured across the games and reported & logged on completion.

Janssen - 3D Virtual Learning Academy

A finalist in the ‘Bespoke eLearning Solution of the Year’ award at the World of Learning, this was a 3D-modelled Academy offering a stimulating learning environment for pharmaceutical representatives.

Users may ‘fly’ from Reception to Study and Exam rooms as well as into the Library where all reference material is maintained (without programming changes) by the client.

The Academy included a comprehensive eLearning course on a new drug with over 100 original illustrations and animations of biological actions.

VAC - eLearning courses for Middle East aviation clients

We collaborated in developing eLearning for the aviation industry on a wide variety of subjects for Virtual Aviation College’s (VAC’s) Middle Eastern clients.

Courses included:

  1. -  Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) awareness eLearning for an aviation training centre

  2. -  Occupational Health & Safety eLearning for a Middle East airport

  3. -  Safety Management Systems (SMS) eLearning for a Head of State flight operation

Amey - Health & Safety eLearning and Assessment

This eLearning course was commissioned by Amey Built Environment to ensure that its subcontractors’ staff would arrive on site (the multiple premises of a large Police Force) having demonstrated a clear understanding of Health & Safety procedures.

The course includes 360 degree interactive hazard-spotting scenarios (shot on location), a final quiz and a ‘mini Learning Management System’ which tracks each individual’s completion progress & score and exports these records to an Amey Contractor database.

National Grid - ‘Can you keep the lights on?’ challenge

An eLearning program and 24 hour network load balancing game.

This enables trainee control centre staff to understand how ‘Series Compensation’ equipment smooths network load fluctuations and to practise balancing the UK network in the face of both changing weather conditions and consumer demand.

The game element draws its data for each 24 hour simulation session from files which National Grid may create, using a utility also developed for them. This means that an infinite variety of situations may be created and posed for trainees.

National Grid - Gas Operations Induction eLearning

New starters now work through an engaging, multi-module induction training course.

The suite of courses covers:

-  Beach to Meter

-  Gas Knowledge

-  Physical Operation

-  Commercial

  1. -  Legislation

Each module is launched independently from the National Grid LMS and includes process/sequence animations, interactive exercises and self-check questions, text explanations, illustrations and photographs, all accompanied by professional audio narration.

OnAir Geneva - eLearning course for Cabin Crew

Geneva-based OnAir chose TNA to create two interactive web-based eLearning programs on their new onboard services, Mobile OnAir and Internet OnAir, which enable passengers on selected flights to make and receive phone calls and exchange text messages and emails.

The programs needed to equip cabin staff with sufficient knowledge and understanding to manage the on-board system and to solve the most common passenger issues.

The programs keep all screen text and voiceover narration in external files, enabling the rapid and cost-effective generation of different language versions without the need for re-programming. English and French versions were initially delivered to the client.

Janssen - Staff eInduction

An online Induction program for new Sales Representatives at the UK division of a global pharmaceutical group.

The course covers company history (using interactive timelines and ‘clickable’ events), industry compliance, HR policies & procedures, employee benefits, the company’s product portfolio and health & safety.

‘Virtual interviews’ with staff provide expert guidance and advice and self-check exercises build knowledge and confidence.

A novel section allows the employee to interview past company chairmen, apparently seated together around a boardroom table.

Their is a large on-line library of reference material such as glossaries, manuals and relevant web pages, all maintained and easily updated by the client’s staff, without programming.

London Underground - 3D interactive tour of the new Victoria Line

An interactive 3D tour of the new Victoria Line infrastructure, systems and stock for staff and public information.

To help illustrate the features and facilities of this major investment, TNA modelled (in photo-realistic 3D) every element of the new system to produce a narrated, interactive ‘flying eye’ journey.

Users visit the new high security control room, fly along fibre optic cables into equipment cabinets, into tunnels to examine the new communications and signalling systems before entering the carriages and finally, the driver’s cab.

Users may pause at each location to select equipment for a narrated description of its function and purpose.The Victoria Line is being upgraded with new trains, Service Control Centre and high-tech.

National Grid - eLearning courses on overhead line maintenance

Based on the formal National Safety Instructions (NSIs), these courses trained and assessed engineers working on National Grid towers on how to safely apply earthing to protect staff and contractors from the dangers of High Voltage electricity.

The courses covers the 17 different earthing schemes used and include these features:

-  A guide or ‘expert’ to assist the learner throughout the course

-  Minimal screen text

-  Safety Warnings that must be seen/heard before moving on

  1. -  An interactive assessment without hints and guidance

  2. -  A ‘toolbox’ from which learners select the correct tools for the job

National Grid - ‘Doing the Right Thing’ eLearning courses

A ‘hub’ program which gave an overview of the principles of ethical business behaviour and National Grid’s Core Values and Framework for Responsible Business.

From the hub program the user may then launch individual ‘advanced’ modules on:

  1. -  Competition

  2. -  Fraud, Bribery & Corruption

  3. -  Information Security

  4. -  Information & Records

  5. -  Business Separation

Nestlé -  Staff Induction program

This was a fun, media-rich program that included virtual video and audio interviews with the Managing Director of Nestlé UK, plus office and factory staff, interactive learning games and exercises and a 360 degree interactive tour of the KitKat factory.

The program featured a library packed with hundreds of images and videos of Nestlé advertisements over the years as well as sections explaining the Nestlé culture, including its core values and behaviours.

The program was designed to serve both as an upbeat welcome to new starters and as a continuing resource of useful information.

Also included was a ‘Value Chain’ game in which the employee took a role such as Supplier, Manufacturer or Retailer. Trading in Smarties, their challenge was to keep the stock they held to the minimum, whilst still satisfying their customers’ delivery demands.

Imperial Tobacco -  Staff Induction program

Imperial Tobacco wanted an eInduction program that would lead new employees through every aspect of the company’s business, from its origins through a review of the tobacco industry, the company’s manufacturing, sales and support operations, its vision and values, and its future direction.

The program contained a rich mix of images, interactive timelines, explanatory process animations and interactive video interviews with senior managers.

The content had to be easily translated into other languages without re-programming. All on-screen text (including menu button labels, screen titling and instructions) and voiceover narration was held in external files. A tool provided by TNA automated the creation of new language-specific text files, directly from storyboard Word files.

Deutsche Bank -  Staff Induction program

Deutsche Bank needed an engaging, multi-language eLearning course on topics such as Fire & Emergency, Hazard Awareness, Health & Well Being and Stress Awareness, accessed through their custom LMS on the bank’s intranet.

The solution comprised a suite of modules sharing a separate ‘program shell’ which drew all text and audio content from external files. This enabled Deutsche Bank to create an unlimited number of alternative language versions without re-programming.

Inmarsat - Launch program on a mobile communications product

To promote the launch of a new Inmarsat mobile satellite communications product (‘Regional B-GAN’) an interactive, multimedia program was produced which explained its features, benefits and market applications.

TNA wrote the storyboard scripts and managed their translation into Russian, Arabic and French, as well as the recording of voiceovers.

To allow cost-effective revisions, only one version of the program existed, with all on-screen text drawn dynamically from a content database, based on the user’s language selection.

B&Q  - Decking Training program for Retail Staff

This multimedia course prepared sales staff to act as knowledgeable ‘consultants’ to customers considering building a garden deck.

The material used video and 3D-modelled sequences to illustrate the start-to-finish story of planning and building a deck, using B&Q products and materials.

SITA Airport Services, New York - Application training simulation

SITA offer its clients a specialised email system known as SITATEX. This elearning program was shipped with the product and went far beyond the usual passive ‘Help’ or ‘Wizzard’  facilities in training new users.

The program simulates a large number of common tasks such as creating a new message, finding a recipient by name, etc. and invites the user to navigate the interface and to correctly enter information. Multiple attempts are permitted and feedback shown, before the program takes over and provides the correct action.

Kompressomatic 3000

A game-based challenge, produced as a concept to demonstrate how elearning can assess competence as well as knowledge.

The user selects a fault symptom and operates the equipment, observing its operation. They can take measurements, make adjustments, change parts and refer to manuals. They can also ask for Hints.

The program tracks every action they take, accumulating the task time spent, the parts used and their cost, the number of times they asked for help or sought information in the Library.

On finding the cause (or giving up) the program reports on their performance and rates their competence score against that of an expert. More information on this program here. (Opens a pdf document in a new window)

SITA Airport Services, Paris - Corporate Staff Induction

This online induction was produced for use by SITA staff worldwide. It covers the history of the company, its markets, customers and services.

To help users appreciate the different services offered, they may navigate through a 3D virtual airport, stopping to dig for information at points of interest.

AC Cobra - Fault-finding challenge

Another game-based concept, this time to track down the source of an engine mis-fire. The user may select components to examine, test or replace them. After taking an action (eg: replacing a spark plug) they can start, run and listen to the engine at different speeds, before deciding whether they have fixed the fault.

Every action is logged and a competence report is generated by the program, together with an explanation of the fault (if they were unsuccessful) and the sequence an expert would have followed.

More information on this program here. (Opens a pdf document in a new window)

National Grid - Investigating Incidents eLearning course

Based on the Health & Safety Executive's three-level approach to identifying the causes of any incident (Immediate, Underlying and Root) this eLearning course used interactive scenarios to engage the learner.

Each of the three incidents (a coffee spill & scald, a ladder fall and a cable strike in a trench) invites the learner to first interview witnesses, read incident reports and visually examine the scene, before moving on to decide on the possible immediate, underlying and root causes. At each stage the program provides expert guidance.

Inmarsat - Corporate Induction program

Inmarsat were aware of the ‘silo’ effect across their head office - where individuals in one department were completely unaware of the role and responsibilities of others in the building.

This multimedia program included dozens of audio and video interviews with staff at all levels across all main departments, in which the user could conduct a virtual interview, using a list of questions.

The content also included animated explanations of the work of each department and in particular, how each function communicated with all others.

National Grid - Waste Management eLearning course

This eLearning course was developed for use by site managers and covered their statutory responsibilities for the safe handling, labelling and disposal of all types of industrial waste.

Rich in interactive exercises, the program challenges the manager to group waste items according to their type and to complete the appropriate forms for waste collection and handling. The assessment at the end of the course included completed forms containing various errors to be spotted.

Northern Powergrid - Competency Assessment System

This system assesses the ability of field engineers to use a variety of test equipment to analyse electrical equipment and to determine the cause of faults.

The user starts by selecting the test tools he normally uses, before tackling a large variety of faults, drawn in random order from a larger pool.

The system includes a back-end database which logs user progress and performance and provides management reports. These go down to a level of detail which includes statistics on the correct/incorrect answer totals given for every question. Managers may also drill down into every question answered by a user to display their response - essential knowledge on which to base remedial follow-up discussion.

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The summaries below will give you an idea of the variety of eLearning projects and challenges that I’ve been involved in and, in most cases, was instrumental in defining both concept and design, with the beautiful graphical interfaces and content being the work of the TNA Ltd production team.

Whatever the nature of your business or your applications for eLearning, there’s a good chance that I’ve been responsible for designing something similar.

Now completely independent of any production company, I can apply this vast wealth of experience and knowledge to help save you time and money and avoid expensive mistakes on your own eLearning projects.

Phones 4u - 3D Academy On-line

Phones 4u sought a fun and engaging on-line environment through which their young, game-playing Sales staff could access a vast range of training and reference material.

We developed an intriguing, interactive 3D Virtual Academy, modelled on the company’s Fort Dunlop training centre. Visitors ‘fly’ between a variety of virtual rooms to explore media including video, audio, images, animations and reference documents, covering topics such as product specifications, demonstrations and adverts.

A crucial design requirement was that the content should never be allowed to become obsolete. To meet this we also built a back-end Content Management System (CMS) with which Phones 4u could maintain the (tens of thousands of) content files without re-programming. On entering any room, the system automatically downloads the latest/changed content from the CMS.

Read a full description of the Phones 4u project here. (Opens a pdf document in a new browser window).

London Underground - Jubilee Line Cab Simulator

A realistic 3D simulator provided Jubilee Line drivers with cost-effective familiarisation and practice prior to formal training and assessment on a full-size cab simulator of the new control system.

The program starts with a tour of the new system, before inviting the driver to tackle six interactive scenarios. Drivers ‘pan’ left or right around the cab and ‘zoom’ into areas of interest. During each scenario, pre-rendered videos fill the windows, with playback speed synchronised to the train speed, increasing the impression of realism. The driver controls the train speed using his mouse to move the traction brake controller forwards and backwards.

The simulator also operates in ‘Assessment’ mode in which all actions are recorded. The eSim was distributed on a memory stick to encourage drivers to build familiarity with the controls before attending a full-size simulator training session.

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