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Services and fees


Below are examples of the services I provide, each of which may be customised to suit your requirements.

I am happy to work on an hourly or a daily basis, or at a fixed price for an agreed scope of work and above all, I’m flexible.

Whatever assistance you’re seeking, the chances are that I have the relevant project skills and experience to guide your organisation to the best decisions, whilst also saving you time and money.

Service examples

  1. Bullet Corporate eLearning 'Health Check'

  1. Bullet New project planning

  1. Bullet Preparing project documentation

  1. Bullet On-site workshops & management briefings

  1. Bullet Supplier selection

  1. Bullet Rapid Storyline prototype development

  1. Bullet Production of eLearning modules

  1. Bullet Keynote Conference presentations


Reviewing your existing eLearning courses, assessments and technologies, assessing their effectiveness and maintainability and recommending a plan of action.

Assessment of new training and assessment needs, brain-storming and design of alternative eLearning solutions

Preparation of eLearning project specifications and 'Request for Proposal' documents against which suppliers’ bids may be meaningfully measured

Staff presentations and workshops, technical briefings on eLearning techniques/technologies/benefits, Board level ‘vision’ briefings.

Workshops might cover, for example, topics such as how to successfully manage an eLearning project, managing suppliers, the essential phases in all successful projects, briefing and managing Subject Matter Experts, the importance of prototyping & piloting, the sign-off process and associated payment points, etc.

Workshops on
Storyline for your developers, on your site, with all the tricks and shortcuts I have picked up in the five years I have been using the tool.

Assistance with shortlisting of eLearning suppliers, assessing their proposals/presentations including benchmarking their offers, defining key contractual terms & conditions specific to eLearning, securing IP rights, protecting the company against supplier failure, and final supplier selection.

Using Articulate Storyline, I can rapidly produce course or assessment prototypes for delivery via PC or tablet. These can be very effective in supporting an internal proposal to management, in proving the validity of an approach to end users or for demonstrating your requirements to potential investors or to suppliers. I transfer full source code and IP rights to my client for all such material created.

If you need one or more complete eLearning modules produced, I can help here too. This might be by creating templates and ‘framework’ modules in your corporate style (to get your team productive sooner before handing the source code over to them) or by scripting and developing complete modules in Storyline.

I have extensive experience of delivering highly entertaining and practically valuable sessions on eLearning-related topics at conferences worldwide.

I feel very strongly that delegates don’t pay to have slide text read to them - they want ideas, inspiration, stimulation and direction and that’s what I provide.

My sessions always deliver a memorable mix of high impact working demonstrations and concepts, no-nonsense practical tips and a lot of good humour. I can also run delegate pre-workshops on specific eLearning topics to support your programme.

I have served on the paper selection panel for international conferences as well as having chaired many sessions. I am also very experienced at presenting effectively via translators, a skill which demands continuous sensitivity for the pace of delivery, pauses and choice of vocabulary.


Daily rate                 £600 (hourly pro-rata)

Fixed cost                Based on an agreed scope of work for a project, including deliverables

For example, the typical fixed cost to complete a Corporate eLearning 'Health Check' would be £2,500 - £3,500.

Conference presentations - reimbursement of reasonable travel & accommodation expenses

  1. -Figures exclude VAT and travel & accommodation expenses if incurred.

  2. -Payment is to be within 30 days of invoice date(s).

  3. -An initial invoice of 25% of the actual (for fixed price work) or estimated final project total will be presented at the start of the contract.