Client Testimonials

I have known Tim Neill for five years, during which time he led a team that developed 25 major eLearning courses for our National Grid Training Academy. I was very impressed with his ability to readily understand our (often highly technical) subject matter and to visualise and design consistently high quality training courses and assessments.


I have been very pleased with the high professional standards Tim has maintained in all our dealings with him and I recommend him to any organisation seeking a knowledgeable and independent advisor to successfully guide them through their own eLearning projects.

John Tyler

UK Technical Training & Entry Level Talent Manager

National Grid Training Academy

Working with Tim has been extraordinary and fulfilling and, in the IT industry, an all too rare experience. His hands-on approach as consultant rather than yes-man has meant that with his suggestions and rigorous attention to detail, the original concept has metamorphosed into an end-result that exceed my already high expectations.

I had, having previously used him, taken his technical expertise for granted. This time around though I was unprepared for the scale of his creativity, his self-accountability, the quality of progress-communications and the genuine warmth of the relationship. In my commercial career, employing Tim has been a life affirming experience and one that i'll repeat as soon as the next opportunity arises.

Howard Popeck

Tim brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, but one of his greatest skills is to present this in a down-to-earth and easy-to-follow style. He cuts through industry jargon and is able to quickly identify the needs of your business and which solutions would work for you.


I worked with Tim to create an eLearning portal at Phones 4u. The end result was something that was both aspirational and unique within the industry. However, what was perhaps more impressive was the way that Tim was able to offer advice and guidance throughout the entire project, from conception to delivery. Tim is incredibly solution-focussed. He has a great knack of empathising with IT constraints and working to produce several viable solutions to deliver the best outcome within those constraints.


As well as understanding the technical side of eLearning, Tim also brings with him a fundamental understanding of Learning and Development. In my experience, this is a rare quality that is not shared by many.

I feel lucky to have found Tim and privileged to have worked with him.

Mark Glanville

Learning Technology Solutions Manager, Elmfield Training Ltd

Tim Neill provided consultancy services to our company in the process of specifying and developing an eLearning solution to support the training needs of tens of thousands of employees.

He contributed significantly to the process with his technical knowledge, vast experience and know-how in training methods, analytical skills and attention to design details.

Tim’s input was key to the success of the development process and our eLearning tool has become a world leading eLearning solution in the aviation security sector.

Nimrod Matan

eLearning Product Manager, ICTS Europe Systems

Virtual Aviation College has worked with Tim Neill for nearly ten years, following a recommendation from a major Asia-Pacific airline that his pragmatic approach to e-learning development would be of benefit.  His ability to take on board VAC’s industry-specific requirements and articulate those for developers was of immense value.

We have worked with Tim on numerous projects and his experience and attention to detail in training design and delivery has always enhanced the results, benefiting VAC and the company’s clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Tim as an asset for any company planning an e-learning strategy or seeking a review of an existing approach to the medium and the courses in use.

Simon Walker

Managing Director, Virtual Aviation College

I have known and worked with Tim Neill since 1992 when he made a significant contribution to the major project to re-engineer the training and assessment system for British Rail signal and telecommunications staff to meet evolving customer needs for competence based training. Tim’s contribution was to develop a set of standards for the look and feel of the e-learning materials that were developed by a number of other companies in the UK. Given that all of these companies had their own ideas of what their materials should look like, Tim’s support and advocacy in persuading them to adopt a common set of standards were invaluable and was a key factor in the success of the project.

I have the greatest respect for Tim’s capabilities and professionalism. Too often, e-learning materials are treated as a commodity and build down to a minimum price. Too often the learners and their managers (the clients) are disappointed in the results.

He is also willing and able to share his wealth of experience with others through seminars and consultancy. He has spoken – and been well received - at numerous conferences in the UK and overseas. His demonstrations in ‘Passengers Don’t Learn’ is still used as an illustration of best practice in e-learning design.

Nick Rushby

Managing Director, Conation Technologies Ltd

Tim was responsible for conceiving and delivering several large and successful Health & Safety eLearning projects for me.

Over the years, he has proved himself to be extremely responsive and thoroughly professional in all that he does, combining an incredibly broad and deep knowledge of eLearning with the character and presence needed to earn the respect of, and work comfortably with management at every level.

I have no hesitation in recommending him as a trusted and highly competent eLearning consultant.

Dominic Wigley

HSEA Director and Business Director, Built Environment, Amey

I worked with Tim over a 12 month period on an e-learning solution for our company induction programme. He took the brief and delivered a concept that met our needs from a practical perspective but also from a modern and fresh looking design perspective. The solution gave us a variety of experiences for the user which for us was crucial to this being an innovative and interactive induction solution. 

Tim was able to bring his wealth of experience to deliver something  that was well received in to the organisation and is still the method we use for Company induction.

Training department

A large pharmaceutical company

I am delighted to have this opportunity to thank Tim Neill for the excellent service he provided to our company which far exceeded our expectations.

When first choosing a company to work with it was Tim’s credentials that stood out far beyond his competitors. His level of subject matter expertise and experience is vast.

From our first meeting I knew working with Tim was an excellent choice. His invaluable ability to understand our requirements and his technical expertise in his field, made the project come together more smoothly and quickly than anticipated.

Even though we changed the goalposts a number of times, his drive and commitment never faltered. Tim’s attention to detail ensured superior professional standards throughout.

His motivation and enthusiasm was a catalyst for the whole team working together and enjoying the success of the project. I would gladly do business with Tim Neill in the future.

John Walford, HSEA Advisor

Amey, Built Environment

Having just completed the development of an eLearning package with Tim I would recommend his expertise to anyone seeking advice on eLearning solutions. I was impressed with Tim's ability to quickly identify client needs and offer up suitable ideas for delivery of the learning objectives.

Tim's experience in the field of eLearning and enthusiasm to get the right solution for the project made it a pleasure to work with him through all stages. We were very satisfied with the finished product and it has been well received by the end users.

Estate Services Health & Safety Manager

Police Service of Northern Ireland

I have known Tim Neill in the eLearning world for about 12 years, since I launched eLearnExpo in 2001. Like me, he had a great foundation at Digital Equipment corporation.

My events company has invited Tim to speak in a number of locations around the world and his keynotes have been top rated in France, Netherlands, Russia and China. Tim is one of the best speakers ever and basically invented the notion of “Passengers don’t Learn” long before anyone articulated such an important lesson for our industry.

In short, Tim is a thought-leader, mover and shaker and above all a consummate professional. He is reliable, thoughtful, reassuring, creative, clever and resourceful.

I could not imagine a better person to help you ensure eLearning success in your organisation.

Sally-Ann Moore

Managing Director, iLearning Forum Ltd

I have been outsourcing work to Tim for 10 years and If honesty, reliability and real expertise in the Online Learning industry is what you are after, then he is your man.

Tim has the very rare skill set of understanding corporate L&D and being able to translate those requirements into a pragmatic Online Learning solution. So often I see L&D budgets wasted on what appear to be sexy products, but the reality is that they are just not fit for purpose for what the customer actually wants.

Whatever my Budget, I would be investing a proportion of this with Tim to ensure that I was getting the solution I actually want and need.

Eric Greswell

Operations Director, Elmfield Training Ltd

I have known Tim Neill for more than a decade now. He is smart, creative and cost effective. If your company needs to design employee, partner or client training that delivers results, you can count on him to figure out the best way to get it done.

I recommend Tim without reservation.

Jay Shaw

CEO, NetDimensions, Hong Kong

Tim Neill, in my experience over the years I have known him, is undoubtedly one of the most professional, knowledgeable and innovative e-learning specialists in the world, with a rare ability to transform corporate training needs into highly engaging and effective learning strategies.

In addition to his consulting and facilitating skills, Tim is a very articulate and entertaining conference speaker with a wealth of experience to share.

David Wortley

Immersive Technology Strategist

I have known Tim for a number of years. He is a great person and very knowledgeable and professional in his area.

He is also known for his fantastic speaking skills which he has  demonstrated at eLearnExpo conferences in Moscow.

I would highly recommend Tim as a speaker at any conference dedicated to elearning.

Alla Khaikina

Director, Edutech Russia

In Tim Neill there is a shining example of ‘old school’ professionalism, in my view, to which his 22 years of experience in eLearning development has no doubt contributed. He is intelligent, interested in authentic communication, approachable, patient, calm and flexible - and thorough about following through on expectations, in an attentive, as opposed to a merely ‘managerial’ manner.

I was very satisfied with the working relationship he offered, and the eLearning package on the Mental Capacity Act that was delivered.

Belinda Schwehr, Care and Health Law

After working with Tim for over a decade I can whole heartedly-recommend his services to anybody seeking guidance on e-Learning. Tim has a thorough understanding of all the processes involved in delivering world class e-learning solutions.

That combined with a wealth of industry experience to draw on, a highly professional approach to his work and excellent presentation skills makes Tim an invaluable person to have on your side at every stage of your project.

Sean Toru

Toru Interactive


I have worked with organisations in many countries - planning, implementing and delivering hundreds of major eLearning projects for their staff.

Successful business relationships are built on earned trust and these are some of the comments I’m proud to have received from senior managers in those companies.

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